Research ops, automated.

Recruitment, consent, scheduling, and reminders. All in one package.

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See the big picture

Tinmine's dashboard brings all your projects, interviews, and tasks into one place, helping you to focus on the good stuff.

Still running research ops from a spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets are cheap and familiar, but manually updating participants and projects can be a big time sink.

Tinmine helps you automate the most time-consuming tasks and give your team their valuable interview time back.

Research ops automation will help you to work smarter and do more with less.

Unlock your team's full potential.



Build forms, share them with your contacts, and build a participant database directly from the results

Integrated booking

Set your team's availability, send invites, and let participants manage the booking process for you


Find the information you need in seconds with powerful search

Automated reminders

Schedule automatic email reminders to reduce participant no-shows

One-click incentives

Manage payments to your participants right from their profile page

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliance comes as standard, not as an add-on. All data is encrypted and stored in UK.


Monitor bookings, cancellations, tasks, and other activities in real time with email notifications.

Slack integration

Give your whole team visibility as applicants respond to screeners and accept interview invitations

Calendar integration

Link your Google calendar directly to Tinmine for more efficient scheduling

Simple pricing with no surprises

We price per seat, with each user getting full access to all features. No usage caps or overpriced 'pro' levels.

Do more with less

UX researchers spend over 30% of a typical working day on repetitive admin tasks. Not only that, your time is more in demand than ever before. (Source: NNg)

We can’t add more hours to your day, but we’d love to help you get more out of the hours you already have…

Want to see what we're building and have a chance to shape it? Sign up for an account in our beta today…
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